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An unrivaled blend of cultures just like the rich tradition of the African continent where "heart" is everything. Contagious is a gender-neutral fragrance that contains a fabulously indulgent and rarely extracted Oud in its natural state, this remarkable and unique material has been skilfully cradled in a base of Sandalwood, Oakmoss, Ambergris and Labdanum to create an unforgettable experience.

The bottle of the new fragrance is wrapped in pristine Aso-Oke, the traditional fabric handcrafted and popular among the Yoruba people of Nigeria, It is reserved for very special occasions. Encased in wooden box enamored with a luxury lacquer finish, preserving the story embodied in the fragrance.


home frangrance

Catherine Omai Home Fragrance is inspired by the culture, landscape, and tradition of the people of Africa, the fragrances are carefully crafted to evoke memoirs of the people's diversity, strength and passion. Bringing forth the traditional of "my home is your home" that is practiced in her culture, Catherine Omai invites you on an invigorating journey of sensory experience love, passion, strength, courage and peace.

The perfumer

Catherine's Journey

My journey into the world of perfumery was accidental but predestined, my childhood had a major role to play in my passion and love for fragrances, when I was little girl the trail and silage of fragrances that my father left in a room after exiting was always fascinating to me and as a chubby child growing up , fashion wasn’t really a path for me to express myself, so I believed the only other way to make a statement and to boost my confidence was to wear very nice perfumes, not being able to afford those type of fragrances at a young age, my parents dressing table became my little lab, pouring and mixing different fragrances into small vials so they wouldn’t notice their fragrances depleting, but as I grew older my curiosity and  quest for fragrances became prominent.


I wanted something more, something unique, something that made me stand out, something detailed and outstanding, I started going to The Perfume Studio in central London after much research to curate my own unique fragrances the more I curated the more my fragrance pallet yearned for more, after a couple of years of curating my own fragrances I decided to go study perfumery at the Galimard School of Perfumery in Grasse, shortly after I moved back to Africa and started a business in bespoke perfume creations under the brand name Mystiquee Bespoke Perfumery, curating individual fragrances for thousands for people across Africa for over 9 years, it was exhilarating and exciting meeting different people every day from different cultures and backgrounds, that journey has brought me to where I am today, to tell the story behind the strength, passion, perseverance, love, and peace through the sense of smell bring forth the spirit of the African people that is so courageous in its simplicity and contagious in its depth, it has to be experienced by all, to watch, to learn, to grow, to explore, this is what has brought to life the fragrance line “Contagious”




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